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Freerslev Kotel is a farm with 200+ meat breed cattle plus heifers and calves. The farm is owned and run by Erik and Inge, who live on the farm. Our 5 children are either studying or working and living in their own homes.

Until  end of July 2017 the farm was filled with Jersey milking cows. Now the livestock consist of meat cattle – wheat are which are cross breeds between Jersey, Danish Bluewhite and Angus. The next generation of crossbreeds are then crossed with Angus which gives the best  meat flavour and structure. The herds are kept free range in stables where there are constant access till fodder, water and spaces for ruminating and rest. Throughout the summer all animals  are on pasture – except for the big bulls. The grazing season for cows in Denmark is typically from May to October (weather dependent)

The cows are fed a special composed fodder mixture. The mixture is made out of sweet corn silage, corn, straw, hay and vitamins and minerals.  All in all 6 tons of fodder is mixed – and consumed – each day.

Freerslev Kotel is nearly self-sufficient with regards to providing food for the animals. There are 90 hectare land belonging to the farm. Further 110 hectare land are leased some of it close to the farm and some a bit further away (max 10km)

In 2017 rape is grown on 27% of 210 hectares, barley, rye and wheat was grown on 33% af the land and 40% of the yield was grass for harvesting and for pasture. Rape is used for oilproduction and the wheat and rye are used for for bread flour. The barley is used for beer making and all surplus grains are used for fodder

Freerslev Kotel receives over 7.000 visitors throughout the year.

If you want to visit a Danish dairy farm – give us a call at +45 23 37 19 28 or send a mail at kontakt@freerslevkotel.dk

The farm is located only 35 min drive from central Copenhagen. We are open for visits at most days. We offer English spoken guided tours: we take  a tour of the buildings and fields whilst telling about the animal care, the milking production, the crops, Danish agriculture and the life of a Danish Farmer family – or whatever you may wish to know about Danish farming.

The cost of a guided tour for a group up to 25 persons is 1.800 kkr (excl. tax). Do you wish the visit to include serving of coffee/the and homemade cake the cost is 2.000 kkr (excl. tax).
We can receive bigger groups which will be at an additional cost of 50 kkr. per person.

If you represent a school-class the visit is free of charge.

OPEN FARM: Every summer we open the farm for the public on 3 sundays in July.

ÅBENT LANDRUG: September 17 we welcome your to the farm between 10:00 – 16:00 where you can look at the  animals, the fiels, the machines and the farmbuildings. We have arranged various activities for your entertainment – the entrance is free of charge.



Erik G. Christoffersen Jensen and Inge Christoffersen Holding
Roskildevej 207
DK-3330 Gørløse
phone: +45 23 37 19 28 (Inge)

mail: kontakt@freerslevkotel.dk


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